"I meet you where you're at and help you to get futher than you ever thought was possible for you."

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"Negative emotions, inner conflicts and limiting beliefs are the most common factors that prevent us from changing, healing and succeeding."

Who Am I?

Friedemann Schaub, MD, PhD is a physician, researcher, personal development coach and the author of the award-winning book The Fear + Anxiety Solution: A Breakthrough Process for Healing and Empowerment with Your Subconscious Mind. His Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Program has helped thousands of his clients world-wide to overcome fear, anxiety and self-limiting patterns by addressing the deeper, subconscious root causes of these mental and emotional challenges. Dr. Friedemann’s research and advice has been featured among others in Nature Medicine, Oprah Magazine, Huffington Post, Reader’s Digest, Teen Vogue and Shape.  He is also the host of the internationally syndicated “Empowerment Radio” show and is a sought-out keynote speaker and expert on fear, anxiety and human potential.

Dr. Friedemann received his medical degree from the University of Munich, Germany and pursued a career in cardiology at the University Hospital before moving to Seattle where he received a doctorate in molecular-biology from the University of Washington. “Medicine and research taught me the power of the mind-body connection and how our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs strongly impact health and illness.” Dr. Friedemann recognized that our abundant self-healing abilities can only function effectively when mind, body, and spirit are in alignment; in particular the subconscious mind holds the keys to accelerated healing, change and growth.

Realizing the enormous potential of conscious-subconscious collaboration, he extensively studied mind-activating modalities and became a certified master practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy TM and a certified trainer in clinical hypnotherapy. Based on this wealth of knowledge and experience, Dr. Friedemann created a Personal Breakthrough and Empowerment Program specifically designed to eliminate deep-seated emotional baggage, self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent us from leading productive, fulfilling and balanced lives.

Dr. Friedemann works with clients all over the world via Skype, Zoom or phone. He lives with his wife, Danielle Rama Hoffman (author of The Temples of Light, The Council of Light and The Tablets of Light ), their cats and horses between Seattle, WA and the South of France.


"Life is a journey, that doesn’t have any other destination, than the discovery of oneself. All we need to enjoy the ride is an open mind, a compassionate heart and a reverence for all living beings."

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